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The Important Info:
Indianapolis Airport

We are pleased that you're going to come and visit us in Bloomington, Indiana.  

In order to ease your visit, we've put together this segment of the web site to provide information about getting to Indiana University, places to stay, and other assorted information.

The first (and most important) piece of information is that if you're flying to visit, you need to fly to Indianapolis, Indiana (code: IND).  There are no commercial passenger flights to Bloomington, Indiana.  Please make sure that you do not purchase tickets to Bloomington, for if you do, you will be flying to Bloomington, Illinois.  Bloomington, Illinois, is a five hour drive from Bloomington, Indiana.  Please make sure your travel agent is aware that you want to fly to Indianapolis.

Secondly, since many of you are coming from abroad, please be aware that there are neither non-stop nor direct flights into Indianapolis from Europe or Asia.  Limited destinations are available non-stop from Mexico.


bulletTravel from Indianapolis to Bloomington
bulletPlaces to Stay in Bloomington
bulletThings to do in Bloomington
bulletThings to do nearby
Airlines flying to Indianapolis:

| Air Canada
| America West
| American
| Continental
| Delta
| Frontier
| Midwest
| Northwest
| Southwest
| United
| US Airways

Busses & Trains:
Busses and Trains are not as common in the United States. You can travel this way, but it is not recommended.

If you wish to take a bus, Greyhound does stop in Bloomington.

Amtrak, the US passenger railroad, provides service to Indianapolis on the Cardinal line. You will still need to travel to Bloomington.